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  • Air Purifier & Humidifier  -  Boneco Hybrid H680

    Air Purifier & Humidifier - Boneco Hybrid H680

    The Boneco H680 is an All-Rounder unit fulfilling both the function of an Air Purifier & Humidifier. Hence, this wonderful unit will surely make you save both cost & time. This 2 in 1 hybrid u..

    £895.00 Ex Tax: £745.83
  • Air Purifier - Boneco P340

    Air Purifier - Boneco P340

    Take a deep breath with the Boneco Air purifier P340 ! With its modern design, the Boneco P340 air purifier is not only stylish and trendy; but also removes effectively all the fine dust, pollen, a..

    £290.00 Ex Tax: £241.67
  • Air Purifier - Boneco P400

    Air Purifier - Boneco P400

    The New Boneco Air Purifier P400 brings you Mountain Fresh Air to your door steps. This will surely boost up your mechanism and keep sickness at bay. With its eye catching design (Winner of the RED DO..

    £369.00 Ex Tax: £307.50
  • Air Purifier - Boneco P500

    Air Purifier - Boneco P500

    Desiring the purest of air! The P500 from Boneco air purifier is one of a kind providing the most enhanced purified air in your surroundings. Not only it is an eye candy, modern and stylish, but it pe..

    £489.96 Ex Tax: £408.30
  • Humidifier  & Steamer - Boneco S450

    Humidifier & Steamer - Boneco S450

    The Boneco S450 Steam humidifier is here to create a healthier environment for everybody. Unique with its hand warm steam output, the S450 is also known for its child friendliness. The mechanism of th..

    £235.00 Ex Tax: £195.83
  • Humidifier  - Boneco Air Washer W490

    Humidifier - Boneco Air Washer W490

    Are you looking for a humidifier that can get rid of all your allergens naturally? The W490 Air Washer from Boneco is here to help you . This fantastic unit will both humidify and wash away all your a..

    £329.99 Ex Tax: £274.99
  • Humidifier  - Boneco Ultrasonic U650 (White)

    Humidifier - Boneco Ultrasonic U650 (White)

    The Boneco humidifier U650 will leave you with a fresher environment. Built with the latest technology, the U650 converts water into micro fine mist, which are blown away in the air. The mist can even..

    £249.00 Ex Tax: £207.50
  • Humidifier  - Boneco Ultrasonic U700

    Humidifier - Boneco Ultrasonic U700

    The Boneco U700 is a humidifier of high standards. With one of its kind –design & performance, a cosier environment is within your reach. The U700 humidifier is able to generate both Cool/ Hot mis..

    £250.00 Ex Tax: £208.33
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