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Nebuliser Multisonic InfraControl (Without Accumulator) - VAT agreement:

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    • Brand: Schill
    • Product Code: NESCH002

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    Nebuliser Multisonic InfraControl (Without Battery) has ideally been designed to respond to your respiratory disorders. Its inbuilt intelligent infrared control allows the formation of small droplets which easily enters your respiratory system (alveoli) and matches with your breathing pattern. The Nebuliser Multisonic InfraControl can be used for all types of active agents and is also very hygienic.  Inhalation becomes an enjoyable experience with this nebuliser due to its aerosol and breathing control mechanism. Features such as short inhalation time and easy transportability make this nebuliser more appealing.

    Key Features

    • A droplet spectrum which can penetrate the alveoli 60% of the particles < 5µm
    • High intrabronchial and intrathoracic deposition through breathing control, lower usage of medicine, fewer side effects
    • Short inhalation period thanks to high nebulizer performance and density of mist
    • Warming aerosol so that the medicine is well tolerated and prevents cough
    • Noise Free Operation for good compliance and quiet inhalation
    • High aerosol delivery at the mouthpiece, optimal delivery and utilization of medication, low residual quantity < 0.4ml
    • Can be used with all types of active ingredient
    • Ergonomic design with easy cleaning
    • Can be prescribed as an auxiliary product
    • Valves: Low resistance to expiration coding rules out mix-ups
    • Pleasant to use: Inhalation is a pleasant experience thanks to the warming of the aerosol and breathing control
    • Flexible: The infrared control means that the ultrasonic generator is only activated during inspiration so that the nebuliser and the medicinal product are only heated as required, even during long periods of use
    • Hygienic: The sealing ring, baffle plate, nebuliser head, mouthpiece and valves can be boiled or autoclaved. The unit is simple to clean - it can be disinfected in the vaporiser and washed in a dishwasher
    • The portable unit to accompany respiratory patients everywhere
    • 1 year warranty

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