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HOLI- Sleep Companion Sunrise Dawn Simulator

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    • Product Code: SLHOL001

    Wake up and feel fantastic with our exclusive Sleep Companion - scientifically designed to act on your body’snatural production of sleep hormone, the melatonin. Feeling sluggish orlethargic, having difficulties to wake up or fall asleep, the Sleep Companionis here to make all those moments feel like bliss and gives your circadianrhythm the stability it deserves. A good sleep is the secret to a fantastic daywhere your body and brain work cohesively.

    What is Melatonin?

    Melatonin is our sleep hormone. It isproduced by the Pineal Gland situated at the bottom of our brain. This gland isdirectly connected to the optic nerves and hence works with the contact oflight. Scientifically proven, the Melatonin level is at its peak between 2amand 4am providing us with the sleep hormone we need to have a good night. Assoon as light starts increasing, the hormone starts decreasing. Hence, thereason for feeling great on a sunny day and not so in shape, on a grey winterday.

    How does the Sleep Companion works?

    The Sleep Companion has been created toemulate the natural phenomenon of the power of light on our body and mind

    The Sleep Companion offers three ranges oflights

    • For brighter mornings, theSleep Companion becomes our best Dawn friend with its magnificent blue lightwhich inhibits the production of melatonin, for a brighter day. How it works?20 minutes before waking up, the Sleep Companion lights up gradually with itsblue light, reducing the melatonin hormone in the body naturally whileincreasing the energy level. When the alarm finally starts, your body is readyto face the day with a good energy level.


    • The Dusk function emits a redlight and filters the blue light. The red light does not block the naturalproduction of melatonin making falling asleep easier. As a general advice,please avoid television, mobiles and computer screens as they emit blue lightswhich will in return affect our body by keeping it awake.


    • Finally, the Sleep Companionhas multi colour lights functions for you to choose depending on the mood andintensity you desire for your room. If you are finding difficulties fallingasleep, the Sleep Companion has a light-guided relaxation program, which wouldallow you to fall asleep gently.  OurSleep Companion uses the same principles of Light Therapy that NASA uses forits astronauts making it one of the best to have. Control your body clock withyour Sleep Companion and enjoy.

    The Sleep Companion can be controlled byusing its exclusive LED technology and its 360 sleep app. At the touch of yourfinger, the Sleep Companion allows to

    1.        Program up to three light alarms
    2.         The mood adjustments in yourroom
    3.         Different sleep programs
    4.         To observe the regularity ofyour sleep pattern and make a note
    5.         Be able to set goals andevaluate your progress
    6.        Receive advice of how to enjoya better sleep

    Download the appson


    ·        Lighting : LEDs designedto last over 40.000 hours - 25 years - 4hrs/day

    ·        Light output : Dimmer app- 700 lumens maximum

    ·        Socket : E27

    ·        Dimensions : 115mm xdiameter 60mm

    ·        Compatibility : > iOS9.3 and Android 4.4

    ·        Connectivity : BluetoothSmart Low Energy

    ·        Origin : 100% FrenchEngineering


    Can the Sleep Companion beinstalled on any lamp?

    The sleep companion has got a screw base.If you have a lamp side table that has a screw base, it will fit with nodifficulties at all. However, for those who have a bayonet side lamp, you willneed to buy an adaptor E14 to E27, which is easily available on the market.

     How compatible it is with myphone?

    The Sleep Companion works with all recentand popular smart phones (Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Sony, etc). It workswith all iPhones from i0S 9.9 upwards and Androïd 4.3. Ithas a dedicated app, SLEEP360, which is available on the APP store and GooglePlay.

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