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  •  Affinity Massage Table - Comfortflex

    Affinity Massage Table - Comfortflex

    Are you a semi mobile therapist in need of a versatile and portable massage table? Then, the Affinity Comfortflex is just for you! Uncompromising on quality, the Affinity Comfortflex massage table is ..

    £439.00 Ex Tax: £365.83
  • Affinity 3 Part Luxury Sheet Set

    Affinity 3 Part Luxury Sheet Set

    The 3 parts of this deluxe 3 part sheet set include a fitted sheet, an adequately fitted face cradle cover and a lavish top sheet. The Affinity luxury sheet set is extremely soft and is also machine w..

    £58.00 Ex Tax: £48.33
  • Affinity 50 piece Basalt Hot Stone Set

    Affinity 50 piece Basalt Hot Stone Set

    The Affinity 50 piece basalt hot stone set consists of top quality and hand polished basalt stones for the optimum hot stone treatment. The Basalt Hot Stone Set contains the following: 2 large flat..

    £136.50 Ex Tax: £113.75
  • Affinity Backrest Stool

    Affinity Backrest Stool

    The Affinity Backrest Stool has been created with a main emphasis on comfort. With its supportive back rest and easy operation, the Affinity backrest stool will make all your therapy treatments become..

    £114.95 Ex Tax: £95.79
  • Affinity Body Bolster

    Affinity Body Bolster

    The Affinity Body Bolster is the ultimate positioning aid. The body bolster can be used on any massage table or even placed on the floor for a myriad of massage and physical therapies. Indeed, the bod..

    £204.95 Ex Tax: £170.79
  • Affinity Caldera Stone Heater

    Affinity Caldera Stone Heater

    The Affinity Caldera Stone Heater is a beautiful and highly stylish stone heater that is Italian made and that will look amazing in any treatment area. Combining luxury and looks with practicality, th..

    £222.43 Ex Tax: £185.36
  • Affinity Caldera Tongs

    Affinity Caldera Tongs

    The Affinity Caldera tongs are made of silicone ends for an exceptional grip when handling stones. Hence, it is perfect for all the therapists who use hot stones for massage or other beauty treatments..

    £35.00 Ex Tax: £29.17
  • Affinity Caldera Work Station

    Affinity Caldera Work Station

    Affinity Caldera Work Station is especially designed to be used as a complement for the Caldera stone heater. The Caldera work station offers a practical holder for the Caldera Stone Heater’s tong and..

    £62.00 Ex Tax: £51.67
  • Affinity Deluxe Portable

    Affinity Deluxe Portable

    A truly plush and luxurious massage table, the Affinity Deluxe is best suited to high end treatments in spas, therapy clinics and hotels. Reputed for their quality, reliability and unquestionable valu..

    £319.00 Ex Tax: £265.83
  • Affinity Disposable Breathe Hole Covers

    Affinity Disposable Breathe Hole Covers

    The Affinity Disposable Breathe Hole Covers are made from non-woven, medical grade material and are also very hygienic. These premium quality breathe hole covers are also very suitable for those who h..

    £40.00 Ex Tax: £33.33
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