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Air Purifier - Airnote Fragrance Free

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  • Air Purifier – Airnote Fragrance free is unlike any other air purifiers on the market. Developed by medical researchers and using a patented technology, this air purifier can release millions of electrostatically-charged Liquid-ions in short bursts every 2 minutes. Those special Liquid-ions are too small for the naked eyes and they float freely in the air.  With those cleaning droplets floating around, they stick to dust, pet allergen, mould spores, pollen, bad odours and even bacteria; making them completely harmless. With the continuous release of Liquid-ions, it follows that every new harmful particles are instantly tackled down. The clean droplets can easily circulate around and can fragrance an area up to 152m3 (63.3m2 x 2.4m high) in size. Extremely economical, this Airnote Fragrance –Free uses only 2 AA batteries and a single cartridge. Hence, use it and make the most of a cleaner air.

    Key Features: 

    • Unique Liquid-ion micro technology removes 99.9% of airborne particles on contact
    • Tested at the University of Bradford for particle clearance
    • Tested at the Medical Entomology Centre and National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit for the removal of house dustmite and cat allergen
    • Measures only 21cm, weighs only 548g - the smallest room air purifier in the world
    • Completely silent - use in the bedroom or where noise really matters
    • Ultra slim & cordless freedom to move the Airnote unit to suit you
    • Energy efficient - runs on 2xAA batteries
    • Fragrance-free 
    • Low maintenance - easy to install and incredibly simple to use
    • Doesn’t use propellants

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