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Pain Relief - Arthrosound Pro

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Pain Relief - Arthrosound Pro

Arthrosound Pro is a hand held ultrasound device which gives you the ability of conducting ultrasound therapy in your own home. It uses a cutting-edge technology in order to release 1 MHZ waves. It comes with 3 treatments level that allow you to choose the best setting that suits your condition. In order to optimise ease of use, the Arthrosound Pro is the UK’s only cordless ultrasound device and it can, thus, be used anywhere.


Ultrasound waves only work when it is used with a conductive gel.  How does it work?


1) Arthrosound advanced technology uses the same ultrasound therapy that are used in hospitals and medical centres in order to deliver effective pain relief solutions. With it, a number of acute chronic pain conditions can be effectively healed. This occurs through the by reduction of the inflammation and pain in muscles joints/tendons/ ligaments.


2) The Glucosamine gel is the conductive gel that is used with the Arthrosound Pro. It contains 3 key elements to help improving your joint health and mobility.


3) Sonophoresis – Arthrosound increases your skin’s absorbency and increases the amount of gel penetrating your skin for a more effective treatment.


Product Features:


Portable and cordless so there are no leads or wires

Replaceable transducer head (Note: The Transducer head can be purchased separately) 

Rubber grip side panels to make it easier to hold

Safety control switch which ensures maximum safety by turning the device off after 10 minutes of use

Three settings to best suit your needs

Ergonomically designed to fit easily into your hand and allow a comfortable use

Re-charging dock conveniently stores your device and charges it at the same time

Advanced performance from the long lasting rechargeable lithium battery

2 year manufacturer’s guarantee

Low Setting


Duty cycle: Low - 30%

Intensity of the output wave: Low 0.4 W/cm2 Pulse Frequency 50Hz

Medium Setting

Duty Cycle: Medium - 40%

Intensity of the output wave: Medium 0.6 W/cm2 Pulse Frequency 50Hz

High Setting

Duty Cycle: High - 50%

Intensity of the output wave: High 0.8 W/cm2 Pulse Frequency 50Hz



How to use Arthrosound Pro


1. Switch on and select your required setting


2. The conducive Glucosamine gel needs to be applied where required


3. Gently massage using the Arthrosound Pro device for the duration required


The device simply has to be placed back in the re-charging dock after you finished using it so it's charged and ready for use when you will be needing it in the future. Ultrasound waves only work when used with a conductive gel. Arthrosound Pro comes with two free Glucosamine Gold Gel tubes which contain natural ingredients to help maintain healthy joints.

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