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Cefaly II Migraine Device (New Generation) - free pack of electrodes (3) worth £22

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Ex Tax: £207.50
  • Get a free pack of electrodes (3) worth £22 - 60 days return policy
    • Brand: Cefaly
    • Product Code: PTBHR003

    Migraine sufferers know the nightmarish time they have to go through when migraine attacks appear! The tear-jerking pain that occurs with migraine attacks can now be safely reduced and prevented through the Cefaly, a truly unique and innovative External Trigeminal Nerve Stimulator (e-TNS). The Cefaly acts on the trigeminal nerve- responsible for migraine attacks- and thus reduces the pain associated with chronic migraines as well as prevents future headaches/migraines. Clinical trials for the Cefaly have demonstrated that an astounding rate of 81% of patients show a significant reduction in migraine attacks! It is thus, a very highly effective device that will make painful migraines a thing of the past!
    Do you want to get rid of the one-sided throbbing pain in your head and of associated nausea and visual problems? Do you want migraines to stop affecting your professional and personal lives? Then, our best-selling Cefaly device is definitely for you!
    The Cefaly has been revamped in order to bring more comfort to the user as well as improve the results obtained.

    New Features of the Cefaly:
    •       The “spectacle” bands have been removed and replaced by magnetic contacts
    •       It is now rechargeable by a USB cable instead of being battery-powered
    •       The sound of the device has been toned down for better comfort       
    •       The sensation given by the device is now less intense, again for better comfort
    •       Smaller in size 

    Key Features:

    •          Generates electric impulses which stimulates the brain's trigeminal nerves
    •          Medically Certified Product
    •          Dimensions: 55 mm x 40 mm x 15 mm
    •          Weight: 12 g
    •          Power supply: Rechargeable 3.7 V Lithium-ion Polymer battery
    •          Full charging time is +/- 3 hours and the use duration at full charge is +/- 30 days for a daily use.
    •          Recommended Duration to be used: 20 minutes
    •          2 years warranty on the device
    •          Refund of £200 if you are not satisfied within 60 days 
    •          Cefaly Set includes: Device, Instruction manual, Electrodes, Skin cleansing wipe, Power adapter and cable, storage case
    •          60 days return policy

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