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Migraine Treatment - Cefaly II Multi Use Electrodes (Pack of 3)

Brand: Cefaly
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Migraine Treatment - Cefaly II Multi Use Electrodes (Pack of 3)

The Cefaly works via an electrode applied to the forehead. Each electrode can be used between 15 to 30 times (sometimes more). It is particularly essential to clean the skin of your temple so that the electrode will adhere better to the skin. The skin should be cleaned with soap/water or the skin can also be washed with one of the "Prepare" cleansing wipes supplied with the device (Cefaly Anti – Migraine).  The electrode is fixed to the Cefaly device with the help of 2 magnets that automatically attract the device. To facilitate the correct positioning of the electrode, it is recommended to use a mirror. 

The proper way of placing the electrodes on the forehead for a treatment session is as follows:

The pointy part is placed in a downward position with the lower edge exactly on the horizontal line that joins both eyebrows. It is also important that you press your fingers several times along the entire surface of the electrodes so that it sticks well to the skin. Remember, the effectiveness of the treatment session is highly dependent on the quality of contact between the electrode and the skin.


IMPORTANT: Do not leave the electrode uncovered after use. The gel will dry off, rendering the electrode less effective. It is recommended to replace the electrode on its transparent plastic support sheet and then to store it in its bag after detaching it from the forehead.



         Used in conjunction with the Cefaly device

         Lifetime of up to 30 uses

         Easy and safe for use

         After use, replace on the support sheet and place in its bag


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