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Saalux Dandruff Treatment Solution

Brand: Saalmann
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Saalux Dandruff Treatment Solution

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is normally a scalp condition that causes small pieces of dry skin to flake off. Dandruff is not simply a cosmetic problem. It can be very irritating for those who suffer from dandruff. Indeed, dandruff causes itching, which, in turn, causes scratching, injuries and infections to the afflicted skin. It is a common problem faced by psoriasis sufferers. The first step in the treatment of dandruff is normally to get rid of all the scales before taking medications or undergoing light therapy.


How to get rid of dandruff?

If you need to remove the flakes before going for treatment, the Saalux Dandruff Solution is the best alternative. Made from a blend of grape seed oil and castor oil, this solution is characterised by the fatty acids which are present in order to strip cells clusters and scales.  It is especially suitable for psoriasis sufferers who need to undergo dandruff treatment.

Besides the scale removing capacity, the grape seed and castor oils are also very effective in the nourishment and repairing of the sensitive scalp skin. Both oils are known to have hydroscopic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Saalux Dandruff Solution is also free from any preservative or fragrance. Therefore, it is safe for use for dandruff treatment and does not have any negative effect on your health. It also comes with a handy soft tip applicator that allows for a precise treatment and which is also refillable.


Saalux Dandruff Solution- A Clinically Proven Product

The Saalux Dandruff solution is a clinically proven product that has been helping psoriasis patients for over 15 years. It is also a very quick solution that provides noticeable results after 1 or 2 applications only. The Saalux Dandruff Solution is also easily rinsed off. Furthermore, it provides a much more gentle substitute to dandruff treatment solutions which contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is very harsh and can cause irritation of the skin as well as allergic reactions for those who suffer from liver or kidney problems.

The Saalux Dandruff solution is suitable for use by patients of all ages for dandruff treatment.


How to use the Saalux Dandruff solution for dandruff treatment?

Follow these steps for a proper and effective dandruff treatment with the Saalux Dandruff Solution:

·         Apply generously to the affected area

·         Cover the affected area tightly (e.g use a shower cap)

·         Leave on the scalp for atleast 3 hours or overnight for better results

·         Wash with a mild shampoo

·         Usually 1-2 applications are sufficient for an effective dandruff treatment


Key Features:

·         Available in a 75 ml bottle with an applicator and a 200 ml refill bottle

·         Gentle- Ingredients are mostly vegetable oils

·         Clinically Proven for more than 15 years

·         Free from preservatives and fragrances

·         Ideal for psoriasis sufferers

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