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Psoriasis UVB - Saalux Comb

Brand: Saalmann
Product Code: LTSAN001
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Psoriasis UVB - Saalux Comb

The new and ultra-modern Saalux Psoriasis UVB Comb is the best device for relieving your scalp psoriasis. With an amazingly stylish and minimalist design, the Saalux is the new generation of psoriasis UVB Comb. Weighing only 165g, the Saalux psoriasis UV comb is very easy to handle and will easily treat your scalp psoriasis without creating any stress to your wrist. Using UV-Phototherapy (radiations/light), the Saalux emits a special UVB (311nm) light which penetrates the scalp to bring immediate relief to psoriasis sufferers.

How does the Saalux UVB lamp work?

 At the same time, the UVB (311nm) light also has beneficial effects on the immune system & also enhances the skin regeneration process for psoriasis sufferers. Delivering the UVB light to the scalp for the treatment of psoriasis is easier with the Saalux, thanks to its 2 external comb rows. In comparison to other light combs designed for psoriasis, the Saalux is intended for a greater therapy surface (120mm x 45mm), thus allowing the easy treatment of larger areas affected by psoriasis.

Versatile and a multi-purpose psoriasis UV comb, the Saalux can also be used to treat other small psoriasis-affected areas of the body by removing the comb attachment.

How to clean the Saalux UVB lamp?

After usage for psoriasis treatment, the Saalux comb can easily be cleaned. It has been designed in a way that no dirt will be left on the unit after proper cleaning. For an optimised and safe use during your psoriasis in-home treatment therapy, the Saalux has a UV protective goggle (it is a must to wear during treatment) and a countdown timer.

A medically certified device, the Saalux UV comb for psoriasis treatment comes with a 4 years’ warranty, making it a hugely entrusted, stylish and light weight device designed to help you treat your psoriasis while improving your life every day.


Key Features:

Highly performing device - widespread and uniform radiation for areas affected by psoriasis, Radiation strength: 3.5 mW/cm2 (UV-B), UVB (311 nm)

Ultra-contemporary and ergonomic design for psoriasis treatment - Lightweight, Weight UV-comb: 165 g, 4-years’ warranty, Dimensions: 330 x 50 x 50 mm (L x W x H),  Electrical Requirements: 230 V / 50 Hz / 40 VA

Closed housing with an integrated transparent comb attachment, Radiation surface approx. 120 x 45 mm

Practical and handy for use - no unnecessary corners and gaps to catch hair or scales in during psoriasis treatment, Hygienic - comb attachment is detachable and easy to clean inside as well as outside

UVB / 311 nm narrowband

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