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Psoriasis UVB Dermalight 1000 (12 Lamps) - VAT agreement:

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    The Dermalight 1000 (12 lamps) is one among the best German devices in the treatment of numerous skin conditions, especially for psoriasis, through its specially planned and built in Philips patented narrow spectrum TL/01 lamps (UVB-311). These are significantly recognized devices known for their security and success in the treatment of such skin disorders. Additionally, with its perfect design, the Dermalight 1000 (12 lamp) can accommodate for full body surface treatment whilst being in various positions, such as sitting, lying or standing, with an accurate range of light being distributed.

    The Dermalight 1000 (12 lamps) pneumatic height adjustment allows the easy configuration and safety distance for each different user. The movable tripod also allows easy transfer to the treated area as well as space saving. Moreover, the integrated liquid crystal clock allows the close monitoring and exact timing of the treatment. With a low energy consumption, the Dermalight 1000 (12 lamps) is suitable both for private and professional use.
    Mode of use
    A step by step guide of the Dermalight 1000 (12 lamps) has been carefully and clearly detailed in the user manual.
    Scope of Delivery
    The Dermalight 1000 (12 lamps) has been carefully designed to reach the maximum body surface area, even the inaccessible parts, hence increasing the treatment scope in very short treatment time. Also, it is not solely recommended for Psoriasis, but other skin problems as well, such as Vitiligo, Eczema, neurodermatitis and acne. Moreover, with Dermalight 1000 (12 lamps), the results are clearly noticeable within only one week of use, conditional to the intensity of the issue. Nevertheless, for better results, it is advisable to consult a doctor before use, for a more effective treatment period.
    To note that the Dermalight 1000 (12 lamps) is an upgraded version of the Dermalight 1000 (8 lamps).
    Product features
    • Microprocessor control with dosage regulation and safety cut-off
    • Alternate time or dosage control
    • Elapsed hour counter
    • Protective Plexiglas window to avoid direct contact
    • Hygienic and easy to clean
    • Various height adjustment options via pneumatic spring
    • Special reflectors with short treatment times
    • Transportable and space-saving tripod
    • Incorporated cut-off temperature safety
    • In compliance of all legal regulations and standards
    • Contemporary and ample Design
    • Perfect for private and professional therapy
    • Numerous Therapy positions such as standing, lying or sitting
    • Medically Certified Device
    • Portable Unit equipped with wheels
    •  4-year warranty (except for wearing parts)
    Product Specs
    • Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz
    • UV-B/311 nm narrowband
    • 12 lamps
    • Power input: 1300Watt
    • Weight: approx. 38 kg
    • Dimensions: 920 x 700 x 1950 mm
    • Number of radiators: 12 x 100 W
    Precautionary Measures
    • The Dermalight 1000 (12 lamps) is a Proven German Medical Device
    • Precautionary measures will vary upon your skin type & degree of disease (psoriasis)
    • Refer to User Manual before use.

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