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Psoriasis UVB Dermalight 1000 (12 Lamps)

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    Psoriasis Dermalight 1000 UVB -311nm from Dr Hoenle can be used for a wide variety of skins diseases, namely psoriasis, neuro dermatitis, vitiligo and acne.  The Dermalight 1000 has specially been built to make your psoriasis treatment therapy more comfortable (standing, lying down and sitting). This Dermalight 1000 uses Philips patented narrow spectrum TL/01 lamps (UVB-311), known for their safety and effectiveness against psoriasis. Those lamps were explicitly designed to project an accurate amount of light to treat psoriasis disorders.

    The Dermalight 1000 is also equipped with microprocessor which helps to determine the psoriasis treatment period so as to avoid an overdose. It automatically switches off after the prescribed time period and the remaining treatment time for an optimal treatment of psoriasis is stored. The Dermalight 1000 offers a full body treatment. 


    What does the Dermalight 1000 treats?

    •          Psoriasis

    •          Neurodermatitis

    •          Vitiligo

    •          Atopic dermatitis

    •          Acne

    •          and other


    Special Features:

    •          Microprocessor control with dosage limitation and safety shut-down

    •          Alternatively time or dosage control

    •          Elapsed hour counter

    •          Plexiglass window in front of the lamps protect from direct contact and is, furthermore, hygienic and easy to clean

    •          Continuous adjustment of height via pneumatic spring

    •          Special reflectors afford short treatment times

    •          Moveable and space-saving tripod

    •          Integrated shut-down of safeness temperature

    •          Compliancy of all legal regulations and standards

    •          Modern and adequate Design

    •          Ideal for in-home therapy

    •          Therapy in standing, lying or sitting position

    •          Medically Certified Unit

    •          Transportable Unit equipped with wheels - 4-year warranty on the Dermalight 1000 except for wearing parts



    •          The Dermalight-1000 311nm UVB phototherapy lamp is suitable for professional and private use.

    •          The Unit allows a full body treatment in various position

    •          Treatment time varies from one individual to another; depending upon your skin problem


    Technical data / product characteristics

    •          Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz

    •          UV-B/311 nm narrowband

    •          12 lamps

    •          Power input: 1300Watt

    •          Weight: approx. 38 kg


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