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Psoriasis UVB Dermalight 1000 (8 lamps)

Brand: Dr Hoenle
Product Code: LTDRH004
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Psoriasis UVB Dermalight 1000 (8 lamps)

Psoriasis Dermalight 1000 UVB-311nm from Dr Hoenle is a highly effective UVB lamp that has the ability of treating 4 skin diseases - psoriasis, neuro dermatitis, vitiligo and acne. Allowing treatments to be carried out in various positions, the Dermalight 1000 makes use of the Philips patented narrow spectrum TL/01 lamps (UVB-311nm) which are absolutely free of any dangers for the treatment of psoriasis. The patented lamps of this psoriasis treatment device, Dermalight 1000, do not exceed the recommended dosage by delivering an exact amount of light on your skin.

Hence, the Dermalight 1000 is without any harmful side effects for your health and will effectively treat your psoriasis. Thanks to its microprocessor control mechanism, the Dermalight 1000 controls the amount of time you spend under its UVB-311 Lamps and automatically switches off after your therapy session, hence making it a very effective psoriasis treatment


How to use the Dermalight 1000 (12 lamps)?

Clear instructions can be entered into the Dermalight 1000 to enhance and optimise usage of the device for the treatment of psoriasis. The Dermalight 1000 is in line with all rules and regulations and with a 4 years’ guarantee, it will definitely last for a very long time!


Key Features:

Microprocessor control featuring time limitation and safety shut-down options

Plexiglass pane over the lamps to prevent direct contact and to facilitate cleaning

Compliance with all legal regulations and standards

Variable lamp equipment for numerous psoriasis treatments

Ideal for In-home treatment

Medically Certified Device

Transportable Unit equipped with wheels - 4-year warranty on the Dermalight 1000 except for wearing parts

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