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Psoriasis UVB Dermalight 500

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    The Psoriasis Dermalight 80 UVB Comb is a light therapy device. Therefore, it makes use of UVB (Ultraviolet B) to treat psoriasis

    The Dermalight 500 is a very practical medically certified UV irradiation unit device for different parts of the body. This unit makes use of UV- B light treatment to treat various skin disorders – Psoriasis, Vitiligo etc.…UVB treatment are more effective than UVA treatment. UVB light treatment carries no risk - it is non-invasive and has been shown to be non-carcinogenic. The Dermalight 500 makes use of 2 UVB bulbs (UV-B 311 nm – narrow spectrum) and can cover up to 6 times the surface area of the Dermalight 80, making it suitable for the treatment of larger areas affected by psoriasis. Those specially built bulbs project a very precise quantity of light to make the treatment of psoriasis more effective. The Dermalight 500 allows treatment to be carried out on various parts of the body: hands, feet, chest, back, rump / shank and other body parts. 


    What does the Dermalight 500 treats?

    ·         Psoriasis

    ·         Neurodermatitis

    ·         Vitiligo

    ·         Atopic dermatitis

    ·         Acne


    Special Features:

    ·         Microprocessor control with dosage limitation and safety shut-down

    ·         Alternatively time or dosage control

    ·         Elapsed hour counter

    ·         Variable, applicable UV-irradiation unit

    ·         Special reflectors afford short treatment times

    ·         Plexiglass window in front of the lamps protect from direct contact and is, furthermore, hygienic and easy to clean

    ·         Integrated shut-down of safeness temperature

    ·         Compliancy of all legal regulations and standards

    ·         Modern and adequate design

    ·         Medically Certified Unit

    ·         2 years warranty



    •          The Dermalight-500 311nm UVB phototherapy lamp is suitable for professional and private use.

    •          The Unit can be used to treat various parts of the body

    •          Treatment time varies from one individual to another; depending upon your skin problem


    Exact Dosage:

    The integrated microprocessor control allows a proper adjustment of treatment time and dosage respectively. The lamps cut off automatically after the expiration of the chosen treatment time. So, this guarantees no overdose of light treatment. In case of a break down or you have to interrupt your treatment, the remaining time will be stored for your next session. With its high UV-intensity, the treatment time are reduced and this significantly reduces the formation of erythema and the cumulative dose.


    Technical data / product characteristics

    ·         Dimensions (L x W x D) 490 x 310 x 110 mm

    ·         Power input : 100 watt

    ·         Weight : approx 6 kg

    ·         Power Supply : 230 V/ 50 Hz

    ·         2 lamps

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