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Eco Air DD1 Classic Blue Desiccant Dehumidifier

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Ex Tax: £139.99
    • Brand: Eco Air
    • Product Code: DHECO005

    The Eco Air DD1 Classic Blue is a ground-breaking dehumidifier that makes use of novel cutting-edge technologies such as the E7 Technology and the 3-D Louvre technology in order to reduce wastage and save energy. Your energy bill will thank you! Indeed, the Eco E7 technology will reduce your energy bill for as much as 40%. This amazing technology senses the ambient temperature and humidity level and accordingly switches between the full power, economy power and standby modes. Hence, it optimises the use of your dehumidifier! The 3-D Louvre is also a revolutionary technology that channels airflow between two modes. The Wide Area channel mode of the Eco Air DD1 Classic Blue Dehumidifier improves an even distribution while the Spot mode pinpoints problem areas like mould growth on a wall. The Eco Air DD1 Classic Blue dehumidifier is very effective- with a moisture removal of up to 7 litres per day @ 20°C 60% RH . The DD1 Classic Blue dehumidifier eliminates the need to remove water constantly with the 2L water tank. Despite a high power consumption, a desiccant dehumidifier removes humidity at a faster rate than a compressor dehumidifier, leading to greater energy savings in the long run with fewer running hours needed for moisture extraction! Featuring a silver filter, the Eco Air DD1 also keeps you in good health by killing bacteria. Enjoy damp free interiors with this highly efficient desiccant dehumidifier!


    Key Features:


    • Ideal for a 3-4 bedroom home or a small warehouse/office of up to 200m2.
    • Moisture removal up to 7 litres per day @ 20°C 60% RH
    • Built In Ioniser
    • Built In Heater
    • Special laundry features with turbo and saving modes
    • Quiet operation (34 dBA)
    • Lightweight (6kg only)
    • Continuous drainage with 1 meter hose supplied
    • Silver Filter - Kills Bacteria On Contact
    • Overdry Protection
    • Safety features – tilt over stop protection, 2-minute delayed shut off to cool off, water full indicator and shut off, heat temperature detection and shut off
    • Water Tank Volume: 2L
    • 2 Year Warranty

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