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Air Purifier & Ionizer HF 100 Silent Ionic

Brand: Heaven Fresh
Product Code: AFHEA016
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Air Purifier & Ionizer HF 100 Silent Ionic

Air Purifier & Ionizer HF 100 Silent Ionic Heaven Fresh is an air purifier that creates negative ions. This helps to speed up the cleaning process of the air. This Air Purifier HF 100 significantly reduces the amount of allergens, germs and virus present in your environment. Additionally, airborne pollutants are also removed through the Air Purifier HF 100. The Air Purifier HF 100 makes use of stainless steel plates to collect those air pollutants and the plates can be cleaned with just a simple wipe. The Air Purifier HF 100 also operates very silently and consumes less energy.

Key Features:

• Rated voltage = 12V DC / 220-240V 50-60 Hz Adapter

• Power consumption = 3.4W

• Ion output = MAX 500,000/cm³

• Active oxygen output = 5 mg/hr or (.015-.04)ppm for spaces (100-500)sq ft

• Dimension= 205*125*70(mm) or 8.2*5*2.8(inches)

• Weight = 750g or 1.65lb

• Applicable area = 161 sq ft (19.9 m2)

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