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Ongoing fitness training is the basic ingredient of success for any sportsperson. However, training needs a high body tonus to be effective and sportsmen also need fast decision making and execution skills; all of which are not always easy for them! They can easily be prone to fatigue, mood slumps and lack of energy. Sportspersons need to meet high expectations and that is why they need to be in top form always! Bright light therapy will definitely help sportspersons to be the winners they need to be!

 A bright light therapy device will help to give the energy boost needed for effective training sessions and for sports events. Using a lightbox will help to provide the energy needed by helping to align the internal body clock and reducing the production of the melatonin hormone, which is responsible for the feeling of sleepiness. An improvement in the production of serotonin (a hormone responsible for affecting mood and well-being) will also create greater motivation, making the achievement of goals easier.

 Bright light therapy will also help sportspersons going for international events to overcome jet lagging troubles.

Please find below articles that have documented the link between bright light therapy and sports performance:


  • SAD Light Box - Innolux Lucia 2×55

    SAD Light Box - Innolux Lucia 2×55

    SAD Light – Lucia is a very versatile SAD light therapy device which can either be mounted on the wall or simply be placed on the table.  Extremely stylish with its slightly curved rectangular sh..

    £189.00 Ex Tax: £189.00
  • SAD Light Box - Innolux Mesa Mega 160 Bright

    SAD Light Box - Innolux Mesa Mega 160 Bright

    Make your winter blues a distant memory with this powerful Bright Light therapy unit! With a sleek design, this lamp will be perfect as a breath taking indoor lighting accessory.  Hence, while be..

    £247.00 Ex Tax: £247.00
  • SAD Light Box - Innolux Supernova with Dimmer

    SAD Light Box - Innolux Supernova with Dimmer

    SAD Light Box, Innolux Supernova, is intended for intensive bright light therapy as well as for private and professional use. This particular lightbox is a very powerful unit with 4 bulbs of 80W ..

    £319.00 Ex Tax: £319.00
  • SAD Light Box - Rondo Innolux

    SAD Light Box - Rondo Innolux

    SAD Light Box, Rondo, will make your everlasting wish to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder come true. The Rondo SAD Light Therapy lamp with its round shape and luminosity of 10 000 Lux at 25cm, wi..

    £133.95 Ex Tax: £133.95
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