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Skin Care - Opatra Dermisonic

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    • Brand: Opatra
    • Product Code: SKOTA001

    Don’t we all want the perfect skin, with the perfect complexion while erasing time from our skin? Make your dream comes true with the Opatra Dermisonic which combines LED Light therapy and ultrasonic sound waves. The Dermisonic uses a very exceptional and powerful technology promoting cell renewal, repair and helps towards essential skincare problems. The Opatra Dermisonic and the application of facial creams, aids the solution to penetrate deeper at a cellular level giving you the most radiant, healthy and hydrated skin complexion.

    The Dermisonic makes use of the latest revolutionary skincare technology which is based on Galvanic, Ultrasonic treatment, massage & LED light therapy.


    The best way of describing galvanic is a “non-surgical face lift” offering utmost results in smoothening out wrinkles, tightening muscles and increasing blood flow nourishing the skin cells. Extremely helpful for people with very oily skin and/or acneic skin, the Galvanic treatment helps to remove excess sebum and dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis. The galvanic treatment also makes use of cataphoresis producing alkali for the desincrustation process. Water soluble substances is introduced by Iontophoresis which uses the principle that like charges repel and apposite charges attract to facilitate the penetration of an ionised (+ or -) active product (the skincare products used for this treatment come in various formulations such as ampoules, gels and creams). Iontophoresis being a penetrating treatment is usually best carried out in the later stages of the facial so that the active ingredients can remain within the skin.

    Ultrasonic Benefits

    Ultrasound is used to loosen while getting rid of dead skin cells. It also restores the natural electrical charge to cells. Often used by salon professionals to augment cellular turnover, plump up and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, tighten dropping skin, reduce acne, relieve swollen eyes, diminish dark eye circles and even repair scar damage. The Dermisonic offers the same ultrasound facial treatments for repair, cleanse and stimulate the skin. Completely safe, the Dermisonic is just perfect for sensitive, sun-damaged and acne prone skin types. The process is safe, painless and gentle and can be used for sensitive skin as well.

    Light Therapy

    The Dermisonic offers LED technology helping to revitalise cells, enhancing blood circulation while increasing the oxygen supply. It also helps to strengthen skin tissues, improve metabolism and excretion by transmitting natural light waves into the skin activating photoreceptor cells where energy is absorbed by skin components for a more beautiful complexion.

    Massage Therapy

    The Dermisonic offers a massaging treatment to the face area offering a greater strength to the muscles to resist gravity.  As the blood flow and lymph is stimulated, the face is detoxed and decongested. The facial massage also aids oils and creams to penetrate deeper and be more effective.

    Key Features: 

    • Stimulates blood circulation
    • Aids in lymphatic drainage
    • Exfoliates dead skin cells with OPATRA peeling gel
    • Increases cells metabolism
    • Cleanses away toxins
    • Enhances skincare product performance
    • Tightens and tones neck, body and facial Skin
    • Diminishes wrinkles and fine lines
    • Reduces the appearance of congested, puffy eyes
    • Refines large pores
    • Improves upon skin texture and tone
    • Clarifies acne and blemishes
    • Lightens dark under eye circles
    • Reduces the appearance of cellulite and fat deposits
    • Fades scars, freckles, age spots and redness

    Please Note:

    The ultrasonic galvanic treatment should NOT be used :

    • If you are pregnant
    • If you are fitted with a Pace maker
    • If you suffer with Epilepsy
    • For Medical condition.
    • If you suffer from Diabetes
    • If you have Heart Problems
    • If you have Dental Implants (only galvanic should not be used)

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