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Alkaline Infusion-250g

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    • Product Code: HSKIK021

    A high-potency all natural antioxidant-rich, therapeutic beauty supplement that encourages healthy, glowing skin from the inside, out.
    The Kiki Health Alkaline Infusion provides beneficial effects for the health, function and appearance of the skin, hair and nails.
    By balancing and restoring the bodies pH balance, Alkaline Infusion can help boost your immune system, fight free radicals, reduce tiredness and fatigue, aid skin elasticity and promote hair and nail growth as well as provide an overall nourishing boost.

    Key natural ingredients include:
    • Vitamin C contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and the maintenance of the normal function of the immune system as well as being an effective antioxidant.
    • Calcium, vitamin C, potassium and iron all contribute to the maintenance of muscle function. They help build and maintain muscle as well as assist in recovery after a workout.
    • Vitamin C supports the formation of collagen to the skin, teeth, gums, bones and cartilage.
    • Calcium and vitamin C helps the normal function of digestive enzymes and assists in breaking down foods. Digestive enzymes are protein molecules that catalyses the breakdown of large food molecules into smaller molecules to facilitate their absorption by the small intestine.
    • The minerals and vitamins in the Alkaline Infusion help to reduce tiredness and fatigue, as well as contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
    • Potassium helps maintain normal blood pressure, which aids in the normal arterial and cardiac function not being compromised.
    Kiki avoids inexpensive fillers and synthetics and guarantees non-GM, non-irradiated and active ingredients. Their products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    How to use? 

    Mix 2 teaspoons in water or juice. Tastes naturally sweet with a citrus flavour.
    Delicious to drink on its own with water, or as the base of a green juice or smoothie, this is a sweet treat for fruity lovers alike.
    Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration is not required.


    Lemon-juice powder, Inulin (34%), Potassium citrate, Calcium citrate, Magnesium citrate, Natural aroma, Vitamin C, Bamboo powder, Acerola cherry powder.

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