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New Sleep Products

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  • HOLI - Sleep Sensor

    HOLI - Sleep Sensor

    Improve the quality of your sleep with our exclusive Sleep Sensor. Are you struggling to get a good sleep cycle? Do you often wake up feeling sluggish and drowsy? SLEEPSENSOR is exclusively dev..

    £79.99 Ex Tax: £66.66
  • HOLI - Smart Lamp Sunrise Dawn Simulator

    HOLI - Smart Lamp Sunrise Dawn Simulator

    Why not fly away in the worlds of lightswith our Smart Lamp. With a choice of over thousands of colours, this absolutetechnological wonder, bridges the gap between technology and light by making itthe..

    £169.00 Ex Tax: £169.00
  • HOLI- GoodVibes Sleep Activator

    HOLI- GoodVibes Sleep Activator

    Desperately looking for 100 % natural insomnia solutions and restore restful sleep? GoodVibes sleep activator helps you fall asleep, stay asleep with ease and wake refreshed. Placed on your ..

    £69.98 Ex Tax: £58.32
  • HOLI- Sleep Companion Sunrise Dawn Simulator

    HOLI- Sleep Companion Sunrise Dawn Simulator

    Wake up and feel fantastic with our exclusive Sleep Companion - scientifically designed to act on your body’snatural production of sleep hormone, the melatonin. Feeling sluggish orlethargic, having di..

    £79.00 Ex Tax: £79.00
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