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Pain Relief - LumbaCurve (Device For Lower Back Problems)

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  • What is the LumbaCurve?

    The LumbaCurve is a dynamic care system designed to bring relief to your lower back pain. Used by millions of adults everywhere, the LumbaCurve is a very popular home treatment solution for lower back problems. Commended by professional medical practitioners such as physiotherapists, the LumbaCurve simply works wonders for lower back pain. The LumbaCurve is a mixture of both Eastern & Western therapies and helps to treat ailments such as lower back pain, sciatica and injuries that occurred during sports activities or muscle fatigue post exercise. Clinically tested, the LumbaCurve is extremely effective.


    The Elements of the LumbaCurve Therapy


    •By lying on the LumbaCurve, your lumbar spine will be gently stretched and this would leave less pressure on your disc. These types of stretching exercises are usually recommended by physiotherapists, especially if you are suffering from lower back pain problems.


    •By using the LumbaCurve regularly, it will help to move your facet joints (similar to the "thumbing" action of a chiropractor), leaving less pressure on your nerves and discs.


    •The LumbaCurve has been designed in such a way that it applies pressure on your acupressure points (same as practiced in Shiatsu massage or other Oriental therapies).  


    Why is the LumbaCurve ideal for back Pain & sciatica?


    Lower Back Pain is often the result of sensitive spinal nerves getting off the spine. As a result, the structure gets damaged and this leads to severe pain and nausea. This is where the LumbaCurve becomes very handy. Normally by lying on the back, it relaxes the spine and decompression occurs. With the Lumba Curve positioned under lower back, it provides even more relief and tries to tackle the problem at its source.


     How easy is LumbaCurve to use?


    •      Find a level area of floor that is stable, comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate your full body length with arms and legs spread-out.


    •      Light, comfortable clothing should be preferred while avoiding thick waistbands, belts, or studs.


    •      Before using the LumbaCurve, it is recommended to avoid any drink or food


    •      Just follow the instructions, lie on your back, slide the LumbaCurve under your lumbar area, and relax.


    Please note: In the early stages, you may experience a discomfort (like a pulling effect across the hips).  This is due to the unblocking of the problem area. With frequent use, this discomfort will soon disappear.



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