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Air Purifier - Meaco Clean CA-HEPA 119x5

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Ex Tax: £316.63
    • Brand: Meaco
    • Product Code: AFMEA003

    Air Purifier – Meaco CA-HEPA 119x5 is a brilliant all-rounder machine capable of removing all sorts of allergens - pollutants, mould spores, germs, viruses, bacteria airborne particles and household VOCs from your environment. Equipped with a sophisticated multi stage cleaning mechanism, this air purifier ensures the purest of air. The Meaco air purifier makes use of a combination of advanced filtration technologies, which can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns. It consists of a pre –filter which helps to capture large airborne particles, a true Hepa filter to deal with microscopic particles and an impressive 450g enhanced coconut charcoal filter which takes away nasty smells and odours. The Meaco air purifier also employs a technology called photocatalytic oxidation (originally invented by NASA) to remove viruses, bacteria and germs. The Meaco 119x 5 can purify rooms up to the size of 198m³.Extremely practical for use, this air purifier also includes a user –friendly touch screen panel. Additional features such as a particle counter light (its light changes depending on how many particles are present in the air and give a visual representation of how dirty your air is), a sleep mode (this function turns down the lights and reduces the fan speed for a quiet, undisturbed night’s sleep) and a feather touch control panel; also makes it very easy to use.

    Key Features: 

    • Removes airborne allergens from the air
    • Multi-stage air purification for clean air
    • Filter change indicator
    • Automatically responses to the level of dirt in the air
    • Works in rooms up to 198m³
    • Two year warranty
    • An air purifier to improve your quality of life

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